Welcome to The Moody Goat—where we're serious about sustinable farming but like to have a little fun with it too! Located in the heart of the Lonestar State; Moody, Texas, we're pioneering a movement to deliver high-quality, pasture-raised goat and chicken right to your doorstep. We're not just another ranch; we're a family committed to sustainable practices and revitalizing ranching for the next generation.

Meet the Ranch Hands

Two years ago, our family took a leap of faith, transforming a piece of Texas into a thriving regenerative ranch. Every day is an adventure, filled with new challenges and opportunities to grow—not just for us, but for our kids too, who thrive outdoors, learning from the land. Whether you're buying our meat, following our story, or camping on our land, you're part of our community.

Our Philosophy

What's a Regenerative Ranch, you ask? At The Moody Goat, it's about more than just farming; it's about stewardship of the land and animals. By rotating our animals through the pastures, we not only nurture the land but also honor the natural instincts of our livestock. This method enhances soil quality, promotes plant growth, and leads to the production of the cleanest, most nutrient-rich meat for your table.

Why Moody?

  • Sustainable and Ethical: No hormones, no antibiotics—just clean, pasture-raised meat.
  • Family-Run: From our family to yours, we're bringing the ranch life closer to home.
  • Educational Mission: Inspiring the next generation of ranchers and sustainable eaters.