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Chicken White Meat Box

Experience the unique flavor of pasture raised chicken breast, free from hormones and antibiotics, and fed on grass. Discover the superior quality of our ethically-raised chicken and satisfy your taste buds with every bite.


Due to the nature of our farm and production, inventory may be limited and may take 6-8 weeks. You will be notified via email. To ensure timely deliveries you can opt for the monthly subscription service!

We use commercial-grade gel packs to keep your order fresh (no dry ice). Slight defrosting during transit is normal and safe. Upon arrival, refrigerate items for up to 3 days or freeze them for later use.

  • 7 lbs of chicken breast
  • 2 lbs of tenders
Price Per Pound

One-Time Purchase: $20

6 Month Subscription: $17 per pound

12 Month Subscription: $15 per pound

Chicken White Meat Box